Crossbeats Orbit Sport Smartwatch Review

Crossbeats Orbit Sport Smartwatch Review (Crossbeats Orbit Sports Review, Crossbeats Orbit Sports Bluetooth Calling function).

Crossbeats Orbit Sport Smartwatch Review

For whom is this budget smart watch equipped with features perfect?

Crossbeats Orbit Sports Review: The Crossbeats smartwatch comes with all the basic fitness tracker features including a 1.3-inch IPS LCD screen, SpO2 sensor, blood pressure monitoring system and Bluetooth calling. This is our review where we will talk about its design, features and battery.

Crossbeats Orbit Smartwatch Review: Crossbeats this year launched two smartwatches with round shaped dials Crossbeats Orbit and Crossbeats Orbit Sports in the Indian market. Both of them come with features like Bluetooth calling and SpO2. From their names, you can know that they have a simple design watch and the other with a slightly sporty look.

Crossbeats has sent us the Orbit Sports smartwatch. It has all the basic fitness tracker features including a 1.3-inch IPS LCD screen, which also comes with SpO2 sensor, blood pressure monitoring system and Bluetooth calling. Its price is Rs 3,499 on Amazon. We have tested it for a month and this is our review, where we will talk about its design, features and battery.

Crossbeats Smart Watch

  • Supported Application – Fitness Tracker, Weather, Sleep Monitor, Reminders, Alarm, Heart Rate Monitor, Stress Monitor
  • Brand – CrossBeats
  • Wireless – Type Bluetooth
  • Colour – Ice Silver
  • Connector Type – Wireless

Crossbeats Orbit Sport Smartwatch Review


The design of the Crossbeats Orbit Sports is quite good. The metal frame and silicone strap present in it give it a premium look. Since the device also comes with speakers and microphone for Bluetooth calling, it is probably because the dial is a bit thick. But still this smartwatch is not heavy. You can comfortably wear it all day and even while sleeping at night. The button on the right side of the watch is tactile and seems to be of good quality. This watch is IP68 certified for dust and water protection. In our testing, we washed our hands and face equally wearing it, but there was no problem in it. However, if you do not wipe the strap, the salt water will freeze into the design built into the strap.


The 1.3-inch IPS circular screen on the Crossbeats Orbit Sports is quite bright. The content on the screen is clearly visible even when used in sunlight. When using indoors, you do not even need to do full brightness. The viewing angles of the display are good and the content looks perfect from every angle. The flashlight feature given in the phone is useful for finding earbuds or other things in dark rooms.


To connect Crossbeats Orbit Sports, you need to download Yfit Pro app on your phone. This app is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The app has to give a lot of permissions for the watch to work properly. After this the watch connects very easily. The re-connection of the watch is not so good. When you go out of the Bluetooth range of the phone and come back to the phone, sometimes the watch connects automatically and sometimes there is a problem. In other cases, you have to start the app and delete the connection and connect the watch again.

With the help of the Yfit Pro app, you can turn on notifications for apps of your choice in addition to messages, including WhatsApp and email services to all apps on the phone. But only 5 notifications are visible in the watch at a time. Old notifications or messages keep disappearing. In such a situation, it would be better that you only turn on notifications of messaging apps. In the Yfit Pro app, you also get data from sleep tracking to heart rate monitoring.

User Interface

The user interface of Crossbeats Orbit Sports is simple and there is no need to search for any options. All functions appear in icons when you slide left. Functions such as Find Phone, Camera Shutter and Stop Watch appear in a scrollable list when slid right. Sliding up on the home-screen displays the Quick Settings, where Night Mode, Brightness Adjustment, Calling, Flashlight and Messages can be seen.

Sliding down brings up pages for steps counter, heart rate monitor, BP, sleep tracking, weather, phone dialer and music controls. There is a sporty looking Watch Face on the home page, which you can also change. Some options are given in the watch itself and the rest you can install by connecting it to the Yfit Pro app. Most of the faces are sporty looking, but all the options are available in the Watch UI and Yfit Pro only limited.

Crossbeats Orbit Sports Bluetooth Calling function

Crossbeats Orbit Sports comes with Bluetooth calling function, but using this feature is not easy. After using it for a week, we stopped it permanently.

The watch comes with calling alerts by default, but you can simply cut it off. To use the Bluetooth calling feature of the smartwatch, you need to go to your phone’s Bluetooth settings and pair the watch separately, after which it will connect as a wireless speaker. After this, when you get a call, you can pick it up on the watch itself.

With the help of speaker and mic provided in Crossbeats Orbit Sports, calls are talked about comfortably. If you don’t want to pick up a call on the Watch, you can turn off the Calling button on the Watch. Till now everything is fine. Now let’s talk about the problem of this feature.

As we mentioned, to use the calling feature of the watch, you have to pair the Crossbeats Orbit Sports by going to your phone’s Bluetooth settings, after which it becomes like a Bluetooth speaker. This means that if you play any media in the phone, be it music, YouTube videos or games, all the sound starts coming from the speaker of the watch.

To fix this problem, we went to the Bluetooth settings of the phone and turned off the permission for media playback of Crossbeats Orbit Sports. Tech-savvy people know about this, but it is difficult for the common user to do so. There should have been a feature to control this thing in the Yfit Pro app, which is not.

Now coming to the second problem. If Bluetooth calling is turned on and in this case you receive a call on the phone, it will automatically be transferred to the watch. Just like the way calls are transferred to Bluetooth earbuds or speakers. To return the call from the watch to the phone, you have to remove the Bluetooth option on the calling screen of the smartphone and select the Phone option.

The good thing is that you can turn on or off calling option in the watch itself. In this way, you can turn on or off calling on the watch with just one tap according to your need. It’s good in theory, but doesn’t work well. Even after turning off the calling option in the watch, the phone call is first received on the watch and then comes on the phone. Even in the midst of talking, calls keep getting transferred from phone to watch again and again.

Features of Crossbeats Orbit Smartwatch Sports

Crossbeats Orbit Sports has a lot of features. For the price it looks great. But some features work well and some features have problems. Let’s take a look at these.

Steps Counter: We got it right in our testing. It does not add metro or bike rides to the steps and most of the time it measures the distance traveled accurately.

Heart Rate: You can set heart rate monitoring to automatic or 24-hour mode on the watch. We didn’t see any problem with this.

Sleep Monitoring: Sleep monitoring usually shows accurate readings. Its light and deep sleep tracking is also perfect. But if you lie motionless for 2-2 hours watching content on the phone till late at night, then it counts it into light sleep, and we think it is not the fault of the watch.

Music: You have to select the default music app of your phone in Yfit Pro. After this, whenever you play music in the phone, Crossbeats Orbit Sport will give you the freedom to control the music.

Blood Pressure: The watch’s blood pressure monitoring system doesn’t work properly. If one of its readings counts as normal BP, then the reading taken in the next moment shows high BP and the reading taken after that shows low BP.

SpO2: This smartwatch also has a SpO2 sensor to measure the blood oxygen level. But its readings are not reliable. It fluctuates heavily and does not match the reading of the Oxymeter.

Sedentary Reminder: Sedentary Reminder is a very useful feature for people who have to work sitting all day. It is also available in a fitness tracker of Rs 2,000. But this feature is completely useless in Crossbeats Orbit Sports. Sometimes it tells you to get up and walk in just 15 minutes, sometimes it does not give any alert even after sitting for 2-3 hours.

Shutter Control: This smartwatch can also act as a shutter for your phone’s selfie camera, but for this you have to first open the Yfit Pro app on the phone. But with its help the quality of the clicked picture is very poor and it is saved in android/media/ folder on your phone. It is difficult that anyone use this feature.

The Crossbeats Orbit Sports can have up to 10 activity tracks, but you’ll have to manually select them on the watch. The Watch’s Find Phone and Yfit Pro app’s Find Band feature work well. The watch’s Raise to Wake feature works fine, but it would have been better if it were a bit faster. You can set an alarm in the watch, which is a great feature.

Crossbeats Orbit Smartwatch Battery and Charging

The battery backup of the Crossbeats Orbit Sport impressed us. Even with Automatic Heart Rate Detection on, it runs smoothly for 10 days. If you leave it on at night, the backup is even more. For charging it, a pogo-pin connector is available in the charger box, which gives it a full charge in 2-3 hours.

Crossbeats Orbit Sports Review: Verdict

The design, build quality, screen and battery life of the Crossbeats Orbit Sports are good. It has a lot of useful features in the budget price and also gets IP68 rating. Some features are not working properly, the watch-face is limited and the Bluetooth calling feature still needs improvement. If you are not looking for Bluetooth calling feature in your smartwatch, then the Crossbeats Orbit Sports is a great budget option under 5 thousand rupees.


Crossbeats Orbit Sports

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